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The Firm

Human Assets Consulting was founded by seasoned executive search and management consultants. We aim to provide clients with a truly bespoke service, focused solely on identifying and developing human assets.

Leveraging our extensive experience from management consulting, senior executive roles and in-depth industry insight, we deliver precise analysis for every single project. We are based on Norwegian business culture and ethics, combined with vast international experience. Furthermore, the firm is partner of Kennedy Executive whereby tapping into a global network of more than 60 experienced consultants covering Europe, North America, Africa and Australia

Traditionally, our industry has been transaction focused, without team based delivery models. We want to change that, simply because we believe teams work better than individuals (and it is more fun), and that clients and candidates benefit from having a long-term perspective.

As a value driven company we will:

Only engage when we can truly add value
Only work for clients we can identify with
Work hard for diversity, because it is good for business
Never accept assignments in an area we do not master

A Kennedy Executive Partner

International reach

The partners in Human Assets Consulting have extensive international work experience as management consultants and senior executives. We have managed international operations, strategic projects around the world and conducted numerous demanding international searches. Combining this experience with the knowledge, expertise and local networks of Kennedy Executive - a leading international Executive Search partnership - greatly benefits our clients and candidates.

Our clients compete globally. Being a Partner of Kennedy Executive we are able to serve our clients all over the world. It allows us to be a Norwegian firm based on Nordic business culture and ethics, whilst ensuring a global footprint and direct access to trusted advisors around the globe.

Kennedy Executive is a Partner network of executive search boutique firms in Europe, North America, Africa and Australia, owned and managed by executive search consultants with at least 10 years' industry experience.

Kennedy Executive covers 360 degrees of talent management: Executive Search identifies, assesses and attracts the right people. Consulting offers a wide array of consulting services to develop people and organizations.

We are well positioned for assisting our clients with international searches, either bringing international talents to Norway or finding the right executive for your international locations.

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Our goal is to ensure that our clients avoid empty chairs, either by developing internal talents or acquiring them externally

Services & Industries

Executive Search

Identifying the strongest candidate for one specific executive role for the client. Guiding the process from a fact based profile to signature.

Board Evaluation & Composition

Composition & Search; ensuring required board capabilities to secure realization of strategic targets and objectives.

Assessments & Audits

Conducting an evaluation of existing human assets, uncovering capabilities, skills and potential. Individuals/teams are evaluated against specific requirements, linked to current and future strategic challenges.

Advisory & Leadership services

Advising on how to optimize work processes aimed at securing and developing key human assets. Focusing on Strategic Talent Alignment, Talent Management,  Performance Management  and Succession Planning


We only serve clients in industries where we believe we can add real value - thus we will only accept assignments where we have substantial experience from the industry and/or function.

Our primary industries are:


IT &





Energy &
Natural Resources


Public Sector



Fact driven and independent advice to individuals in order to maximize careers

Who we are

Our partners have broad experience from recruiting and serving C-suite Executives in multiple industries. We have served clients facing critical decisions covering; composing new management teams, selecting new Board of Directors, managing challenging turn-around projects/reorganizations, start-ups and demanding change programs.

Truls Mo

Truls is one of the most experienced Executive Search consultants in Norway, having more than 20 years top level executive search experience. He combines this with senior management experience, having served as both MD for a large Norwegian law firm and as head of the European business unit for one of the world’s largest search firms.

Specialties: Financial Services, Retail and FMCG, as well as cross industry experience of C suite recruitments.

L: linkedin
P: +47 480 16 599
Petter Berg

Petter has a background from two top-tier management consulting firms (incl. partner level at McKinsey). Furthermore he was a Director in a large IT Consulting business. He entered into Executive Search in 2012. His 16 years in management consulting has installed an analytical approach and vast international experience (Europe, Middle-East and Africa), making him a trusted advisor who challenges conventional truths.

Specialties: IT & Telecom and Professional services, and functional roles linked to organizational development operations, supply chain and Talent Management.

L: linkedin
P: +47 911 58 095
Håkon Heskja

Håkon Heskja is a true Executive Search professional with more than 15 years of domestic and international search experience. He has gained exceptional insights after conducting countless searches both in Norway and globally.

Specialties: Industrial and Energy, with extensive experience from roles linked to technology, engineering and operations.

L: linkedin
P: +47 905 05 012
Bente G. H. Slaatten

Bente has close to 20 years’ experience as senior executive in business and public sector. Before joining HA Consulting, Bente served as CCO/Head of communication, PA and brand (SVP), and member of Yara’s executive management team. Her strategic, international and industrial experience combined with an analytical approach, makes Bente a trusted advisor with in-depth knowledge of key challenges faced by executives.

Specialties: Industrial, NGO, Health and Public Sector, and functional roles linked to Communication, Marketing and Brand.

L: linkedin
P: +47 916 06 215
Per Anders Lindqvist

Anders has his background in top management positions in IT, Travel and Services industries as MD and Country Manager focusing on growing and changing business and organizations. He has extensive international experience working in Sweden, France, South Africa and Norway. With more than 20 years’ experience in international growth-oriented organizations, among other IBM and Siemens, he is a trusted advisor in growth strategies and sales.

Specialties: IT and all sales-oriented organizations and areas like, channel management, performance management and sales.

L: linkedin
P: +47 480 18 902
Ramona Enica

Ramona has worked with search in different countries, as well as having worked in corporate HR roles with HR admin, recruitment and development. As researcher and delivery consultant, she has carried out assignments in different geographical markets and multiple industries: Professional and Financial Services, Life Science, Consumer Goods, Industrial and Energy.

L: linkedin
P: +47 925 16 216
Lars Skovli

Lars is an experienced researcher having built relations to some of Norway’s most seasoned executives. Throughout the searches he has rolled out at both national and international level. In addition to search and analysis Lars focuses on talent management and organizational development. He has previously worked with corporate brand development and media guidance, as well as a business developer and analyst.

L: linkedin
P: +47 481 34 500

Mona Evelyn Vaupel
Associated Partner

Mona has more than 15 years from management consulting (Accenture & Deloitte Consulting). She is specialized in driving organizational change through co-creation and engagement. She has helped global and multinational organizations deliver Organizational Transformation, Talent Strategy, Leadership Development, HR Transformation, HR Strategy, Organizational Design and Integrated Talent Solutions.

Specialties: Expert Partner – helping our clients with Transformational Change, Organizational Design, Alignment & Execution, Talent and Leadership development.

L: linkedin
P: +45 507 01 440


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